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Offset Refers Government Shutdown to “Some Slave Sh*t”

by Ayodeji Lateef

As the US Federal Government shutdown enters its 31st day, rapper Offset has some shades to throw at the Trump piloted dinghy. Offset, whose stand is well in support of his wife’s sentiments on the shutdown, pointed the irony of the whole situation. The 31st day of the longest American government shutdown in history happened to coincide with Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Luther was a well-known anti-slavery philanthropist whose fight on the plight of the blacks impacted many facets of the American government.

In light of this, Offset could not hold back his deep thoughts on the disastrous government shutdown citing the irony in the whole situation. In his line of reasoning, the Walk it Talk it hitmaker pointed out that Billionaires like Trump wouldn’t mind shutting down the government because they are billionaires obviously. However, the commoners both black and white are suffering, going for days without work and salaries. Earlier on, Offset’s wife Cardi B went viral in a recorded outburst over the government’s inconsiderateness.

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Normally, Government shutdowns happen when Congress and the president cannot agree on a reasonable appropriations bill to sufficiently fund the federal government. This is exactly what happened on the night of 22nd December 2018 which led to an indefinite shut down of the federal government and all its operations. Until the issues are resolved, most government employees are sent on temporary leave or are furloughed.

Offset shared his disappointment on this month-long shutdown which is starting to affect the livelihoods of Americans (both blacks and whites). In his own utterances, the rapper explained how upsetting it is to see those other countries admire America with all its celebrities and seemingly good life, yet the common American is suffering in silence.

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