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Miley Cyrus As Ashley O Treats Fans to Raunchy Performance at Glastonbury

by James Ogunjimi

Fans of Miley Cyrus and the new Netflix show, Black Mirror had a swell time at music festival as  took to the stage to perform as her character in the show,  and the fans really responded well.

who performed on the Pyramid Stage at the festival came through as  who by the way has become a crowd favorite and has even gotten a shout out from fans to go to the Grammys.

It’s not the first time that the singer is taking on a fictional character. Recall that she successfully pulled off the Hannah Montana character and is doing well with her  character as well and fans will be looking forward to just how big Ashley O can get. If fan talks are to be believed, then we should be seeing her at the Grammys.

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After her performance,  who wore a black pant had some inspirational talks to share, speaking about her parents – who by the way were side stage at the event – and how the lesson that her father taught her has been her driving force. She also talked about challenging the universe and how she does things she’s scared of.

The 26-year old star has been a revelation since she joined the Black Mirror show as Ashley O and the fans of the show absolutely adored her. Well, she made their love worth it at the performance.

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