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COZA Rape Scandal: Internet abuzz with Omoni Oboli’s reaction

by John Ogba-Ifeakanwa

Actress, Omoni Oboli‘s reaction to the COZA rape scandal has created a buzz on the internet.

Plenty reactions followed the accusations of rape leveled against Pst. Biodun Fatoyinbo by Busola Dakolo, wife of singer, Timi Dakolo. Some have sided the accuser, while others have said her claims were false and defamatory.

Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo

One reaction that stands out in all is that of seasoned actress and film maker, Omoni Oboli. Her storey-building long post reads;

Busola Dakolo

I don’t know where to start concerning the story that’s still unfolding as I write. The Bible warns us to “be quick to hear, be slow to speak, and be slow to wrath”, and going by my personal experience of seeing how quickly many took sides without first getting all the facts, weighing it against the character of all the parties involved, given our antecedents, and then drawing conclusions from evidence and an objective comparative analysis of the accounts, rather than from emotions, envy, the thrill of seeing strife, I have waited to digest the whole matter first.

What’s her motive for speaking out? Was it just to spite the pastor in question? Was it to destroy his reputation, or gain some financial advantage? Was it to build followership through the scandal that would surely come, not knowing that the pendulum could swing in either direction, for or against her? What exactly would spur a wife of a reputable and beloved entertainer, a mother, a businesswoman, with a beautiful life, coveted by many, to come out to make this kind of accusation?…” (The full post can be found in her instagram)

Since the publishing of the post, a lot of people have reacted to her thoughts and opinion on the matter. Some who could not fully understand what she was saying, felt she was against Busola, while others agreed with her.

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A twitter user wrote;

It’s obvious what side of the fence Omoni Oboli was sitting going by her awesome write up. But those with huge compression issues have chosen to misinterpret her stance and call her names. 

She’s unequivocally on the side of Busola Dakolo, let that sink.”

Another wrote;

Omoni Oboli trying to be extra logical ousting sentiments but we Nigerians are sentimentally illogical”

Let us know your thoughts about this in the comments section. We’d love to hear from you.

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