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Rap-Hating White Man Kills Teenager for Playing Rap Music

by James Ogunjimi

A white man in Arizona has taken his hate for rap music to new heights after he stabbed a 17-year old to death for playing rap music.

The last few years have seen a wave of #BlackLivesMatter in the US, but mostly on the part of policemen and shooting of unarmed black people or even targeting black people.

But instances like these just goes to show that maybe it is deeper. The killer, Michael Paul Adams stabbed the teenager to death brutally because according to him, the teenager was playing rap music and he felt prejudiced towards people who played rap because he had been attacked in the past by people who did so.

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But from accounts, the late teenager, Elijah Al-Amin wasn’t even threatening or anything. He was just at the gas station, went in and the aggressor went after him, stabbed him and then escaped.

Al-Amin came outside later covered in blood and keeled over before ambulance arrived to take him to the hospital. He was pronounced dead later while his attacker was found covered in blood and hiding out. He confessed to it.

Adams had recently been released from prison but while some are suggesting that it is a mental health issue, investigators have assured that it is not, even though there was no mental health provision for him after he left prison.

Al-Amin‘s father said he wanted to go into hotel management and wanted to travel to places. Unfortunately, none of that will happen again. May he rest in peace.

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