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Tekashi 6ix9ine Federal Case: “Defendant Is Going To Trial”

by John Ogba-Ifeakanwa

Defendant, , “is going to trial” says Lawyer. All may have seemed to be going in ‘s favor with the past developments in the jailed rapper’s federal case but not anymore. Now, the latest update on the case could ruin the rapper’s chances of getting sentenced with time served.

Apparently, one of the defendants in the case, accused of allegedly kidnapping and robbing Tekashi in 2018 is putting up a fight. According to his lawyer, Anthony “” Ellison wants Tekashi to prove that he was responsible for the alleged kidnapping and robbery in summer 2018. The defendant’s lawyer made his intentions of not copping a plea deal known in . The lawyer, Deveraux Cannick told the Judge the decision was a ‘safe bet’. He voiced their intentions to take the case to trial.

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Following the hearing, he said;

Anthony Ellison is going to trial. The only motive he has; if Tekashi‘s the one making the accusation, he wants to say, prove it. 

Tekashi has mastered the art of  marketing, trolling, and for lack of a better word, fabricating. 

Did he say (Ellison was involved) when he first came to the world? No, he didn’t. The only thing  they’re going after Ellison is the so-called robbery and kidnapping of Tekashi.

Tekashi‘s lawyers fear this recent development might ruin the rapper’s plans to get out with time served.


All this legal drama stem from July 22, 2018 when Tekashi was kidnapped, beaten and robbed by three armed men in Brooklyn. In February of this year, Nine Trey member, was indicted for the Kidnapping and .

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