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Offset Off the Hook on Gun Charges as Feds Go After Bigger Fishes

by James Ogunjimi

It’s a narrow escape for rapper,  after the gun charges against him in Georgia were dropped.  The case that started back in April has now been officially dropped and the rapper must be relieved.

According to reports, officers in Clayton received calls to pull over ‘s car if there was probable cause and identify those in the car.

The reason why the call came to pull him over was because he had tinted windows and he wasn’t driving in a straight line. Well, he got stopped but the officers got something else.

Instead of merely stopping him and identifying those in the car, the Clayton officers, as soon as they smelled weed in the car, did not just pull him over and identify those in the car, they went right ahead and searched the car.

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The search of the car led to more than they expected immediately as they uncovered a gun in the car. That was what started this whole legal war and the gun charges leveled against  in the first place.

According to Offset‘s lawyer, the rapper was targeted because he was rich, black and successful. Yeah, they played the race card. In any case, whatever legal stunt they pulled worked as the case against him has been dropped but only because the believe continuing it will compromise a bigger case.

Whichever way it is though, it may be too early for Offset and his team to start celebrating as they must be worried too about the bigger investigation the are referring to and if it will have anything to do with him.

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