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Rihanna Wins Music Fans Over With Bazaar Cover

by James Ogunjimi

has always had fans but she may have just won new ones over with her appearance on the cover of  China for the magazine’s latest edition.

The launch coincided with Ariana Grande‘s debut on Vogue Magazine and has already caught a lot of attention and become talking points too.

Since she posted the cover online, media houses have reported it and conversations have already started on the content and what it means for her as a person and for the industry as well as for the culture.

There have been questions as to whether ‘s dressing and look on that cover can be classified as cultural appropriation. Trust people to throw around buzz words when things like this happen.

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In the past, Kendal Jenner and Kim Kardashian had been on the wrong end of this buzz word and an angry internet. And such instances have been brought forward to criticise ‘s look on this cover.

An angry Twitter user actually tweeted this: “Why is Kim not allowed to call her brand Kimono cos it’s cultural appropriation yet Rihanna can do shit like this?? Just doesn’t sit right with me.”

There have been more reactions in this line with the internet taking a for and against position as the internet continues to debate cultural appropriation.

It needs to be asked too or wondered about silently if those throwing the words around understand its meaning and the fact that this is a fashion magazine and people are aloud to be as fashionable as they like. For now, conversations continue to drag on but you’ll be the first to know if there’s any new development.

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