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Future Looking For A Hot Girl To Spend ‘Hot Boy’ Summer With

by John Ogba-Ifeakanwa

is looking for a hot girl to spend his ‘hot boy’ with.

is here and everyone has plans to enjoy every last bit of it. With people going on vacations and simply letting their hair down, every time vacay is a well deserved one.

It’s also time to show off beach bodies. Who wouldn’t want to show the aftermath of what they’ve been cooking for a while now?

Imagine laying by the pool side and letting the warm sun hit you while you bask in its glory. Oh, the fun of it all.

Like everyone else, celebs are gearing up to have a blast this . No one wants to be at the back of the line. Everyone has got plans, including . No jokes.

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Here’s the deal, is looking for a summer partner. It could be you. According to a post on his , the Black American rapper needs a hot girl to enjoy his summer plans with.

The ‘Jumpman‘ rapper posted a photo of himself in a bandana and dark shades puffing smoke from a blunt in his hand, with the caption;

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Ima hot boy I needa HOT GIRL. #FREEBG

A post shared by Future Hendrix (@future) on

Ima hot boy I needs HOT GIRL. #FREEBG

So if you’re a hot girl, and you aren’t too busy, go try your luck. Slide into his DM and it could be you. You just might end up with baby number 7.

Another celeb who’s definitely going all out this summer is . She’s encouraging all her fans to partake in a Hot Girl Summer, messing around and generally just living your best life.

Hope you’ve got plans too???

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