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Kulture Turns 1 And Cardi B Shares Snippet from Unreleased Song to Celebrate

by James Ogunjimi

Cardi B‘s daughter, Kulture is a year old already and an emotional Cardi B took to social media to celebrate. Flaunting her baby has never really been an issue for her. She does it everytime.

In fact, the last time she did, she was talking about how the baby was almost a year old and how emotional that made her feel. Offset posted a picture with the baby that day too.

Well, Kulture is a year old and Cardi b has shared an unreleased song to celebrate. Actually, she didn’t share the entire song, she shared a snippet and fans have warmed up to it already even as they joined her to celebrate Kulture‘s birthday.

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According to her, she did that song the day before she turned in her album but she had a cold that day and no matter how much she tried and how many takes she had, she couldn’t get it right. In fact, she was told that no matter how much they tried to mix it, she still sounded stuffy.

So naturally they’d leave it out of the album but in all of the imperfection seen on that song, Cardi B sees it as the way her baby changed her life and according to her, she loves that so much.

In her words: “I was maaa stuffy with a terrible cold.I couldn’t get it right no matter how many times I spit it 😩Even when we try to mix it u still sound stuffy . I love my baby she changed my life.”

We join her to celebrate Kulture‘s birthday and wish her long life.

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