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Lil Wayne Storms Off The Stage Out of Frustration over Sparse Crowd

by James Ogunjimi

The joint tour between  and the  may be over after the rapper stormed off the stage after performing for 20 minutes.

According to reports from those who attended, he was originally scheduled to perform for 1 hour, but then, it rained and a lot of those expected to attend decided to stay back. Seeing a nearly empty hall and performing to that number of people didn’t particularly go down well with  and he made that clear by storming off.

Reports say that he even remarked that “Ain’t enough of y’all *** here, I’m out” before storming off and well, fans who paid to attend the show didn’t particularly find it funny with one aggrieved fan calling him Lil Douche. LOL

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Another disappointed fan tweeted: “We are at the @blink182 show and #LilWayne was on and off in like 20 min. He was supposed to have an hour set. The f*ck man. #disappointed.”

When  first announced that he would be going on tour with the  band, many wondered why. It’s not as if they were in the same genre or something. But then, many also reasoned that you can’t rule out the fact that he has fans everywhere. Maybe he is trying to get in touch with his fans on the  tour too.

All of that seem to be behind now though as it appears he would even be leaving the tour completely if reports are to be believed. Maybe the band will be able to get him to stay, maybe not. Whichever way this swings, you can be sure that we’ll let you know.

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