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Killer of US Scientist, Suzanne Eaton Arrested in Greece

by James Ogunjimi

Greece authorities have arrested the killer of US Molecular biologist, Suzanne Eaton who disappeared after going for a run while living in Greece.

Suzanne Eaton  who was until her death a molecular biologist at the Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics in Germany had gone for a run when she disappeared.

Following news of her disappearance, a search party had been formed and five days later, her corpse turned up in a cave that had also served as a WWII bunker.

While the first instinct was to not suspect a killer was involved, the positioning of her body gave off the truth that she didn’t fall and die there, she was killed elsewhere and then placed there. Thus started the search for her killer.

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Police chief in Crete later revealed that the uncovering of the killer was helped by footage from closed-circuit cameras. The killer after his arrest initially denied it but after contradictory statements from him were presented, he broke down and confessed.

The new information is that he did not just kill her, he raped her and he has now been charged with rape and murder and will have his day in court.

The President of the institute where the late Suzanne Eaton worked until her death, Martin Stratmann said in a statement that: “Suzanne was an outstanding scientist and a wonderful human being. She has been a key person, an essential pillar of the Institute.”

We commiserate with the family, friends and loved ones and hope she gets justice.

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Leo July 17, 2019 - 7:31 am

Greeks are real animals .. they are trying hard to look human in the world opinion through legends and stories about ancient Greeks but those living right now in the land so called Greece have nothing to do with Greeks from the mythology


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