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“The Energy Wasn’t There”: Master P Talks About Meeting Tyler Perry

by James Ogunjimi

“I Got the Hook Up 2” filmmaker, Master P has narrated his experience when he and filmmaker, Tyler Perry came face to face at the ESSENCE Fest.

The two are from the same place and it came as a surprise to Master P that while he expected Tyler Perry to be happy for him and hug him, the latter gave him a cold shoulder. As a matter of fact, he described the meeting as uncomfortable.

In his words: ““I bumped into Tyler Perry yesterday at [ESSENCE Fest] but it was awkward. I thought we was going to embrace each other. I think that people are afraid when they see me, because they know I’m so independent and I’m doing this, so I don’t know, am I threatening to them or whatever. I’m ready to embrace him, like a black man from New Orleans. Like, I’m happy for you brother, but it was like the energy wasn’t there.”

Master P himself suggested possible reasons why Tyler Perry may have reacted that way or given him the cold shoulder. According to him, while Tyler Perry wasn’t rude, he expected more, like a warmer reception.

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But Master P had once touched on the issue of wearing a dress in films and it is possible that Tyler Perry took offense to that which would really be unfortunate seeing as Master P was just goofing around with that comment and didn’t really mean to insult anyone with it. Tyler Perry has not responded but we’ll let you know if he does.

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