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Jennifer Lopez, Cardi B, Lizzo, Keke Palmer and Others Glitter in “Hustlers” Trailer

by John Anusie

Peeps, the hustle is real. Life isn’t as easy as most people want to make you believe. So some of the denizens of the earth take whatever paths they deem fit just to make it and rock this life.

The foregoing should give you an idea about the movie Hustlers, which is expected in theatres on September 13, tw0 days after America completely lost her innocence in the hands of some demented idiots – aka terrorists.

Hustlers have got an impressive cast in the persons of Jennifer Lopez, Lizzo, Keke Palmer, Cardi B and more.

Hold it right there. Is the choice of Cardi B an accident? Or are the flick chiefs convinced having “hustled” mightily in the past and made some ghastly mistakes along the way – which would metamorphose into the spectre of #SurvivingCardiB – she is in the best position to interpret the role?

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We may never know. But heck, that’s by the way.

The trailer of Hustlers is more like Hustlers in précis: without watching the movie to the end, you get to take a deep look into the soul of it. You get to appreciate the creative rainbow of the acting too.

Source: FarmWeek

 Hustlers takes you into the world of some ambitious and conscienceless females (strippers, dancers, etc) who rob their mostly wealthy clients. Jennifer Lopez is the femme fatale here – or the ringleader of this conscienceless coterie. In the trailer, she teaches her gang how to dispossess their wealthy clients

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Director  Lorene Scafaria  would tell Vulture that Jennifer Lopez was so into her role she visited  different strip clubs where she gained some insights into her role.

These insights contributed in no small measure to the grace of her acting. But this is only the trailer. Wait till September 13 to see Hustlers go off like a grenade.

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