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Billy Eichner Speaks of his “Cool” Encounter With Beyoncé in “The Lion King”

by John Anusie

He has been a huge Beyoncé – a stout member of the Beyhive so to speak – since his college days. He began appreciating Beyoncé right from when she was part of the group known as Destinys Child – now defunct.

Billy Eichner is not just a  Beyoncé fan, he has been to a couple of her shows. And although a popular comedic actor, he never had it in mind that he would one day work with the pop star. By a quirk of fate, though, he got to work with Beyoncé on the new version of Disney’s “The Lion King.

Billy Eichner is playing the character Timon while Beyoncé is playing Nala. Together they traverse the plains of Africa. Not many get the opportunity to feature alongside the pop star. So, although he didn’t see it coming, he is beyond excited about his new role.

Source: Billy Eichner/ Instagram

I am on a track with Beyoncé, which not many people can say, which is really bizarre and insanely cool.

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Actually only a few would argue with him here. Working with the pop star is many an entertainer’s dream, but only a few get to see the dream come to pass. That’s fate for you.

Working with Beyoncé (they didn’t record together, by the way) invariably opened the doors to other great meetings. Billy Eichner, 40, got to meet Prince Harry and Meghan Markle at “The Lion King’s” premiere in London.

Keen to get into the soul of his role as Timon in the flick, he had reached out to Nathan Lane, who’d played the same role in the 1994 original. He would comment later that Lane was nice and approachable.

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