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Channels TV Corp Member Shot During Shiite-Police Clash is Dead

by James Ogunjimi

A Precious Owolabi serving with  has been confirmed dead after he was shot at a protest that turned violent between the members of the movement in and the Nigerian Force.

The late Owolabi was participating in the mandatory one year of service called National Youth Service Corp () with  and was at the venue of the protest to cover it when he got shot in the stomach. He was rushed to the hospital but it was no use as the TV station announced during the at 10 that he had passed on.

There have been questions though about why a 23-year old was deployed to cover a protest that had been violent in the past. The have been clashing with the since they started these chain of protests and it doesn’t look like stopping anytime soon.

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The protests started after the Nigerian military allegedly killed more than 300 and arrested their leader. The leader has been in custody since his arrest back in 2016 with the federal government flaunting court injunctions to free him. His followers look determined to free him at all cost.

This protest though may just be the most brutal and publicised yet since it claimed the life of a and that of a Deputy commissioner of who used to be an aide of the former Inspector General of .

The IG was summoned to the Presidential villa and given a mandate by the President to protect all Nigerians and that may have just been a subtle message not to allow the shiites create any more problems. We say RIP to the late corp member and hope normalcy returns to the capital soon.

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