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Miley Cyrus Returns MTV VMAs Snub, Flaunts Summer Body

by John Anusie

Her latest had fans “oh-ing” and “ah-ing” in approbation. Almost everyone has something positive to say about the and of course the tracks it houses including “Mother’s Daughter.

The track has got a music video which is a hit with fans as well, with some fans voicing on social media that the track is the stuff for awards. Clearly, too, in retrospect, thought highly of her own creative output and was looking forward to some scudetto.

But when the MTV VMAs nominee list popped on the Internet and wasn’t on it, the “D.R.E.A.M.” mastermind was somewhat surprised, upset. She isn’t alone in her surprise, though, as fans were equally puzzled she go no VMA nomination this year.

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A fan, for instance, wrote that he wouldn’t be watching the VMAs this year unless performed. Miley Cyrus ame across the comment and popped the response: “No f*ckin way.”

Here, for Miley Cyrus, it is a snub for a snub. She isn’t sitting somewhere mourning the omission of her name, though. She’s rocking her summer body instead, tanning along the way and sharing her tan progress with fans in Instagram.

Source: Miley Cyrus/ Instagram

The omission of her name is what it is. Miley Cyrus is e here to live her best life and is doing so, on fine shot after the other

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What do think of the omission of Miley Cyrus’s name in the nomination list and her decision to snub the MTV VMAs in return. You may drop your thoughts in the comment section below.

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