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New “Shangri-La” Clip Shows Mac Miller Talking ‘Swimming’ With Rick Rubin

by John Ogba-Ifeakanwa

Late American rapper, Mac Miller, talks swimming in new ‘Shangri-La‘ video with Rick Rubin.

You’re probably wondering what a “Shangri-La” video is, well, Shangri-La is a four-part docu-series airing on Showtime. The docu-series basically shows the collaborative processes that occur in Rick Rubin‘s music studio (also called Shangri-La).

Shangri-La shows conversations Rubin has with the artists he works with, including Mac in 2018. The latest episode which aired on the channel shows Rubin‘s conversations with Mac Miller while working on his 2018 album, Swimming.

There you have it, Miller was talking album his studio album, Swimming. The new series shows Miller talking about the power of very personal music and how it affects the listener. In the clip, the rapper is heard saying;

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The goal here is to be as much me as possible” referring to his sound and lyrics on the album. The veteran producer is heard complimenting the late singer on his very personal tracks which he hadn’t been known for. According to Miller;

It’s been an interesting journey for me to realize that the goal here is just to be as much me as possible. You make this super personal ass, stripped back song where there’s no bells and whistles, the only thing that’s carrying this song is you – it’s just so scary.”

Rubin replies him saying;

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That’s the best. If you think about it, your favorite records do that. The ones you like that other people make, that’s the shit.”

Miller died September 2018, a month after releasing the Swimming album. Miller appeared in the third episode of Shangri-La which aired last night.

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