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Kodak Black’s New Freestyle Comes Straight Outta Jail

by John Ogba-Ifeakanwa

has dropped a new freestyle and it’s coming straight from Jail.

If you want a perfect response to the James Blunt lyric “You can’t break my spirit, it’s my dreams you’ll take” watch still make headlines from jail. The jailed rapper may be confined to a correctional facility but his music is walking through those bars and breaking the silence.

Kodak is so blunt it’s not difficult to get what he’s saying at all. The rapper who previously uploaded a photo of himself in jail, showing his teeth and simply telling the world he ain’t gone yet, is causing trouble again. Now he’s calling out .

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He may not have a studio but he’s surely making do. The young American rapper dropped a freestyle over the prison phone to his team and practically shed some truth and chilling thoughts he’s had since being in Jail.

In the clip uploaded to his , he’s quoted saying;

I bought Miami a ring, she wanted 808 baby. When I see her I’ma hit that b***h in her stomach / The way I keep my shit too real, they say I’m fucking up my money

We need no magician to reveal to us that Kodak‘s referring to Miami‘s pregnancy with producer and leader of , South side. Well, the beat maker who obviously isn’t having any of that took to his to upload a clip saying;

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Hey, somebody tell Kodak to suck a d**k. How ’bout that? Get out of jail first p***y

We’d all love to see where this goes.

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