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Nicki Minaj And Megan Thee Stallion Love Up on Instagram Live, Talk Collaborations

by James Ogunjimi

and  threw a lovefest for themselves on Instagram Live and there were lots of talking points from that conversation.

Nicki came into the conversation first before  joined up and they both screamed like two long lost friends connecting.

From the conversation, we got to hear Megan tell  that she is the GOAT while some people tried to involve Cardi B in a conversation she never took part in. But trust Cardi B, she was quick to shut it down.

whose song was co-signed by  in the past told a live Instagram audience that: “Stop playing with Nicki Minaj like she ain’t the muthafuckin’ GOAT, like she ain’t that bitch.”

Nicki Minaj herself accepted the compliments in the spirit of the conversation they were having and fans were quick to praise them both.

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Conversations about school happened too. Megan has been one of those enthusiastic about school and did not waste time saying it. When she joked about quitting school though, Nicki was quick to shut it down, saying she has to complete it.

Nicki Minaj herself is a fan of school and while she never went to school, she said one of her biggest regrets was not going to college but that whenever she sees someone else doing that, she feels proud of them.

The two are also likely gearing up for a collab as they talked about it with Nicki Minaj feeling excited and dancing after she heard that Megan Thee Stallion was coming to town.

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