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“I Love You Unconditionally” – Big Sean Tweets Jhené Aiko

by John Anusie

They may have broken up publicly, but clearly Jhené Aiko and Big Sean still love each other. You probably recall the pair split recently, with Jhené Aiko releasing a single titled “Triggered,” a song by which she unburdened her soul following the break.

Fans – really some members of the public – had speculated at the time that “Triggered” was a diss track at Big Sean, but she had dismissed the claims, stating she still loved him and will love him into the next life.

Following the break, big Sean had been working on himself – or so he says – and he is at a point of xyresic appreciation of life and living. Somehow, too, according him, he is at a critical point in his life and his creative juices are spilling over.

Source: HotNewHipHop

He has found his voice again after what should be a two-year break – or hiatus, if you please. “Single Again,” a track featuring Jhené Aiko and Ty Dolla $ign, is Big Sean’s recent release and one that got the public talking.

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Jhené Aiko shared the song on her verified Twitter account. Big Sean saw the tweet and tweeted that he appreciates her for supporting him and that he loves her unconditionally. He described her as amazing and talented and all their collaborations as special to him.

He concluded by stating that he could have sent her the message privately but decided to say it out there so people will know he appreciates her.

The tweet drops amidst earlier furor over Big Sean’s social media post he needs a wife in this hot girl summer and claims he “fumbled nothing” in his relationship with Jhené Aiko.

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