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Jury Rules Against Katy Perry in Copyright Infringement Case

by John Anusie

Katy Perry is not having the best of time right now as a Los Angeles jury has found her guilty of copying a Christian rap song. The jury arrived at the verdict after a week-long trial.

Katty Perry had been slammed with a law suit by Christian rapper Marcus Gray, long famous by the adopted stage name Flame. According to Flame, Katy Perry‘s track “Dark Horse” (released in collaboration with Juicy J) infringed on the copyright of his own work, a song titled “Joyful Noise” and released in collaboration with Lecrae.

At the trial Katy Perry insisted she had never heard of “Joyful Noise.But Flame countered that she may have heard it on YouTube, where it has been played millions of times or at the Grammy Awards.

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Katy Perry‘s team fought back, pointing out that the beat was already out there even before Flame released his number. By the way, this Flame should not be mistaken for the South African musician of the same name.

Also, Katy Perry‘s team called experts to the witness stand in their determination to prove there was no real similarity between both tracks. There was what many had called a comic relief at the trial when Katy Perry offered to perform the song before the  jury.

Will Katy Perry and Flame eventually settle out of court? It has been reported that most copyright cases ultimately get settled without juries and lawyers. In this case, the world watches.

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