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Watch NASA’s Mars 2020 Rover Display Its Powers Before Mars Mission

by John Anusie

There’s been some excitement at NASA over its Mars 2020 rover. Designed with precision and meticulous attention to detail, the rover is expected to land on the red planet in early 2021.

Already, though, the rover is advertising what it can do when it gets to Mars. NASA scientist are determined nothing should go wrong and have been testing their creation right here. By the way, the rover had been in the works for years.

A critical part of the rover’s parts is its arm, which the Jet Propulsion Laboratory of NASA has announced will be without deltoids, triceps and biceps but can still spun heavy weights. Just to confirm the statement, a video shared by the Laboratory shows te rover’s massive 7-foot-long arm neatly move 88 pounds of sensor-laden turret

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If you have doubts about the rover and its capabilities, you may as well imagine it as a human geologist, it does pretty much the same as a human geologist. The NASA states that, among others, the rover will analyze and cache interesting features on Mars.

NASA’s rovers have a distinguished history, doing well beyond what they were originally expected to do. Expectations for the Mars 2020 rover are no different. It may still be on earth undergoing series of tests, but its masterminds already visualize it doing the miraculous on Mars. Well, what about you?

What are your thoughts on NASA’s latest rover and its planned mission to Mar? You may join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.

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