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Tekashi “6ix9ine” is Coming Home Soon, His Girlfriends Tease Release Date

by James Ogunjimi

Tekashi popularly known as 6ix9ine may be coming home sooner than expected and while a number of people in the hip hop world may not be stoked about that , at least his girlfriends are and they are making that crystal clear.

6ix9ine got arrested a while back and well, a lot of people expected him to keep his mouth shut and serve his time but obviously, he was thinking in a different direction and snitched instead.

He did not snitch on just anybody, he snitched on his former crew, the people he used to run with, where he came from and that didn’t go down well with the hip hop world.

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One of those disappointed that he snitched was  who responded after seeing a bit about the rapper that he should be allowed to rot in jail.

The exact bit was about him getting a new lawyer, the lawyer that has worked with the likes of  but the doggfather was not having it and said the rat should be allowed to rot.

It’s not surprising that  had that view though. When you’re from the streets, you don’t snitch no matter what and Tekashi just did to get himself out man come back home. Well, looks like it worked as he could be home in 6 months.

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It’s one thing for him to return though, it’s another thing for him to be accepted back or even taken serious in the hip hop world. Whatever happens though, his girls have got his back and they look forward to his return.

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