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Machine Gun Kelly Clarifies Eminem Beef

by John Ogba-Ifeakanwa

clarifies events that led to his viral beef with .

‘s new album, Hotel Diablo may be considered his best record yet but his fans would rather talk about his beef with rapper, . The very outspoken rapper has proven he’s a true match for the veteran rapper who he’s been trading lyrical subs with in one of the biggest rap beefs of our time. Fans want more, but it doesn’t seem MGK is still into it.

The American rapper stopped by Everyday Struggle and had a chat with where he dished the goods from the battle. called the beef a win-win for rap fans and those who value rap but MGK counters him when he says the rapper went against a heavyweight (a legend).

why does everyone think I went against? There were two songs on that album that came at me. He was the first to say my name.”

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then agrees saying;

They knew at that moment you could go toe-to-toe with a legend, That’s big.”

MGK goes on saying;

We can’t be a generation that rides only because somebody is a legend, when we do something like step up and acknowledge what happened, and hold it down. That was not something I was expecting to ever happen. I said what I said, I don’t give a fuck. You can’t h*e me. You can’t just h*e me cause you’re a legend. That was weird. It was out of nowhere. It was ill-timed. Mac‘s death had just happened. It was weird.

When asked if he put in more effort considering the stakes, he said;

I remember I was listening to what he had said about me, or whatever, I was like, oh this is funny. Then he said one line, and I was like, okay I’ma dog this motherf****r. Hook the mic up. We went in the locker room of a place we were performing at, and I just did that on the spot. Hours after that shit released. Like, f**k this motherf****r! Load the protocols up. We loaded a picture of him and just rode the motherf****r.” 

According to him, he contacted YBN Cordae and played him some parts of rap devil;

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I did three verses, I called Cordae, played him the first three verses, He was like “this Em, man, you gotta go off.” I was like “I just went off!” He was like, ‘nah, just finish him!’ I put that fourth verse, and that fourth verse was the mean shit.”

Watch the video below:

on ‘Hotel Diablo,’ Self-Acceptance, His Movies & Beef | Everyday Struggle

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