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“Cancel My Schedule” – 50 Cent Reacts To Tyler Perry’s Personalized, Electronic Invitation

by James Ogunjimi

recently sent  a personalized invitation to attend the opening of the  Studios and well, let’s just say we will not be viewing personalized invites the same way again.

posted a video of him opening an invitation from  and while it was packed in the usual boxes, it didn’t have normal features as it showed Tyler Perry himself talking.

His words? “Mr. 50 Cent, Tyler Perry here,” Perry began in the video. “Sending you this personal invitation to ‘Imagine This.’ It’s the celebration of the grand opening of the brand new Tyler Perry Studios.”

The show put up by Tyler Perry on the invitation was enough to get  motivated though and he shouted at those in his office to get out, that they needed to make more money after which he reminded them to cancel his schedules for that day, meaning he will definitely attend.

50 Cent has been a bit of a troll in fact on social media but that post itself was more motivational than comical and , yeah even those pissed off by his trolling found time to watch that video.

His “I’m coming to that sh*t. I don’t care what I gotta do. Cancel my schedule” was right on point too and we are sure Tyler Perry will be delighted.

Tyler Perry himself has taken time to explain what the opening of the studio is about on his page and what he hopes to achieve with it. We look forward to letting you know how the event turned out.

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