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Drake Celebrates as Swedish Court Frees A$AP Rocky

by James Ogunjimi

Rapper, Drake is celebrating A$AP Rocky‘s release from Swedish prison and has taken to social media to express the excitement of knowing that his friend is coming home.

Drake recently released his “Care Package” compilation album, his first too in fact that contained some of his songs that were previously unavailable for streaming or purchase and we are still vibing to it.

Drake Celebrates as Swedish Court Frees A$AP Rocky

While fans are surprised that Drake is celebrating the homecoming of A$AP Rocky when he had been mute on all the calls for his release all this while, there may just be a rational explanation for all this. It’s possible too that he has reached put personally and didn’t feel the need to go public about it.

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A$AP Rocky became a ‘prisoner’ in Sweden after he was arrested earlier last month for assault. While the victim claimed that the rapper and his security attacked him and broke his headphones, the rapper too uploaded a video that showed him telling the men following them to stop following them.

A video released later showed a man that looked like A$AP Rocky assaulting the victims. The rapper was arrested and while it was not immediately sure if he was going to be charged or not as it appeared like they didn’t have enough to go on but they eventually got additional evidence and charged him.

The calls to free him came from everywhere, even from US President, Donald Trump who has since taken to Twitter to celebrate his release with the tweet: “A$AP Rocky released from prison and on his way home to the United States from Sweden. It was a Rocky Week, get home ASAP A$AP!”

Welcome home A$AP Rocky!

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