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50 Cent Tells Emily B Keep Fabolous At Home During His Pool Party

by Florence Tolulope

is hosting a massive pool party in New York City for his celebrity friends, and he already took to his social media to let know he is not invited.

The 44-year-old rapper recently called Bow out for pocketing some of his ones during a night at a strip club. This means Bow is on the no-go-list.

It can be recalled that Trouble‘s pool party caused a trending conversation across the Internet when one woman took the cucumber challenge to another level but it seems is expecting copy cats this weekend. Knowing that if a cucumber challenge-type incident does occur at his party, will likely show up.

He wrote on his page;

“Fendi put a post on his actual page. He talkin’ about the cucumber challenge and all that other sh*t to the Tycoon thing, the pool party sh*t”.

The Queens rapper, who hosted a party for Tycoon Weekend in Atlanta a few months ago where he partied with , , and many more, has now called out to warn ‘s long-term girlfriend to keep her man inside this weekend from other women who may be a threat at the party.

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“You know what, Emily, if you watchin’, right, don’t let that n***a go out,” he said. “Because, first off all, there’s gonna be too many bitches in his face. And he love you, right? He love you. It’s supposed to be family weekend anyway. It’s not Tycoon weekend for Fab. Fab, you supposed to stay in the house, n***a.” – he said


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