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Cardi B & Offset Show Off Massive Luxury Car Collection

by Florence Tolulope

American rapper, singer, songwriter, actress, and television personality, took to Stories to show fans the massive car collection owned by her and her husband, featuring some of the most expensive cars in the world.

The “Clout” rapper first showed off her Lamborghini in the video, showing the bright blue vehicle.

“It’s the summertime and we haven’t used it. And it’s a convertible. Lambo — my car.”

In another clip, she gave a close shot at her Lambo truck that matches her blue convertible Lambo.

“Husband wrapped it for me.”

Following the Lambo was he Maybach. The “Press” rapper showed the interior of the vehicle in the clip, saying;

“This is my Maybach. I bought this car specifically ’cause I have a baby and this car is perfect for having a kid […] cause it got TVs, [the seats] lay all the way back. This is an amazing car… this is my mommy car.”

Cardi also went on to show ’s collection of luxury cars. Saying she was inspired by him, and so she worked harder to buy her own Bentley truck.

’s [Rolls Royce] wraith, the Porsche — I don’t know what type of Porsche this is but whatever. When he got his Bentley truck, I was inspired by him. So I kept working harder and harder and then I bought myself my own Bentley truck. My Bentley truck is in New York though.”

The internet celebrity also showed her husband’s red Rolls Royce truck, and orange McLaren, concluding her tour of the luxury car collection with a clip of sitting on his new Ford four-door monster truck, which has orange interior and stars in the ceiling.

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Watch the video below to see the cars.

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