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Beyoncé-endorsed Diet Receives Public Backlash

by James Ogunjimi

A 22-day diet plan endorsed by singer, Beyonce is currently taking a lot of heat online as users are complaining about it and subtly, well some are doing it directly, shading the music star.

The diet plan was not really popular, at least, not that much until Beyonce shared the ad on her Youtube page, thereby winning a number of fans over and making them trust the brand enough to use it.

Nutritionist, Daniel O’Shaughnessy revealed during a chat that the diet plan could lead to what he described as “nutritional deficiencies” and that has sparked a chain of reactions online.

According to him: “This is quite low for anyone, users will feel tired and exhausted particularly when adding in the exercise. It could be dangerous for the average person to follow without a team of nutritionists and trainers like Beyoncé has. Beyoncé is selling a dream. This is worrying as she has a number of teenage followers who are easily susceptible. She is a gateway to millions of people.”

Apart from the nutritionist, others have taken to calling her out too online from Twitter to Facebook to Instagram. A twitter user wrote: “The music industry can be one fucked up place. Why does @Beyonce think it’s ok to post videos and information about her diet plan to young fans who see her as influential and a big influence. Young people who could be tempted to follow her diet and potentially harm themselves?”

The backlash continues and while Beyonce is yet to respond, it will be interesting to see how she proceeds. Will she distance herself from the diet or will she ignore the criticisms? We’ll keep you posted.

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