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Big Sean Was ‘Single Again’ on ‘Tonight Show’

by James Ogunjimi

Rapper, Big Sean was a guest on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and fans finally got to witness the live television debut of his “Single Again” song.

It has been a comeback of some sorts for Big Sean. He started the comeback with the release of “Overtime” , then he teamed up with TY Dolla $ign and Jhene Aiko to release “Single Again”, the song which has now gotten its live television debut.

Speaking about the who process, Big Sean said: “I just want to convey where I’m at. I don’t want to talk over people’s heads. I want to communicate the things I learned along the way. For instance, ‘Single Again.’ I haven’t really heard a rap song about being single that wasn’t like, ‘I don’t fuck with you’ or, ‘Baby, I want you back.’ I never heard a rap song that was kind of embracing like, ‘I’m fucked up. Maybe I realized that it’s on me and I need to work on myself a little bit.’”

With that view that he holds, this song is symbolic and tows the line of if there’s something you want to see that is not out, make, sing, or write it yourself and he just did.

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The goal was to serve a song about being single that does not necessarily denigrate the next person, a song that does not thrash the ex and having an ex, Jhene Aiko on it speaks volumes and hits the right notes as well as aligns with the aim of the song itself and we recommend listening.

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