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Cardi B Says $5M Mixtape Artwork Lawsuit Is a ‘Celebrity Shakedown’

by James Ogunjimi

The lawsuits keep on piling for talented rapper, Cardi B and they don’t look like stopping anytime soon especially seeing as she continues to become a bigger deal with each release she puts out there.

What happened? Well, a man whose picture was on the artwork for her album came out to say that his picture on the cover made her career pick up and hence, the fame and wants to be awarded a fee for making that happen.

Cardi B is not having it though and has called on the court to throw out the case. It’s understandable too seeing as quite a number of people have been trying to mooch off her since she got famous, not to mention the many cases she herself has been getting herself into.

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Her request to the court was that: “The allegations of the Complaint are so far-fetched and lacking in substance, on their face, that they defy credulity. After having more than a year to conduct jurisdictional discovery, Plaintiff has come up with nothing of substance to put meat on the bare, brittle bones of his vague, conclusory allegations. His claims, couched in sensationalistic language, are inherently, and obviously, implausible.”

Recall that sometime yesterday, Cardi B responded to a couched jab from Nicki Minaj by posting that “One year and some change later and my album is still SELLING .Only list I give a fuck about. Have s beautiful day everybody.”

Well, we’ve not heard anything from Nicki Minaj after that but we’ll let you know of developments both with the lawsuit and the Nicki Minaj response.

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