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Lil Nas X Was Scared He’d Lose His Fans If He Came Out As Gay

by John Ogba-Ifeakanwa

was scared he̵;d lose his fans if he ever came out as gay.

may have come out during pride month but he wasn̵;t going to do that initially. The Old Town Road hit maker has finally opened up about scenarios surrounding his coming out during Pride Month in June and all that has happened after then.

If you̵;re a fan of and follow him on social media, you’d attest to the fact that the record breaker is quite entertaining. Posting videos of himself just goofing off, or tweeting witty impressions, it’s quite difficult to relate him to the loner he says that he is. The Georgia native who is on the cover of opened up about the aftermath of his new found fame, his sexuality and everything inbetween.

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Although the singer came out as gay on the last day of pride month, he says he initially did not plan to. Why? In his own words, he’d “been taught from a young age that homosexuality ‘is never going to be O.K.“. He also said he was scared he’d lose the fans he’d already made. According to , Nas said;

I know the people who listen to this the most, and they’re not accepting of homosexuality.”

He continues;

“I never thought I would have done that if I wasn’t in a way pushed by the universe. In June, I’m seeing Pride flags everywhere and seeing couples holding hands-little stuff like that.”

Then, he came out to his father and sister first in early June, and weeks later, precisely on the last day of pride month, he came out on Twitter, writing;

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Thought I made it obvious” signifying a rainbow in his EP’s cover art. Yes, not everyone liked it, but he waved them off with his witty replies and entertaining personality.

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