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50 Cent Jokes About $9 Million Bugatti Price Tag, Birdman Wants In

by James Ogunjimi

Recently, two of music’s biggest names goofed around on social media about the price of the new and it was a fun thing to watch from  and .

How did it start? Well,  recently unveiled their limited edition model and it was a whooping $9 million dollars prompting even a very rich man like  to joke about the price and about how ridiculous it was to him.

He toook to to write: ““9 mill wait, we must get the building the car in too 🤔 they going to far.” Well, so many people obviously shared the same sentiments and some didn’t.

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One of those who didn’t was rapper and music executive,  who replied: “Fuk that 5 we need that shit.”

If ‘s post had in anyway upset the  people, we’re sure ‘s response would have calmed the frayed nerves.

Birdman has always been a lover of the exotic anyway. In 2011, explaining why he buys the expensive Bugattis, he said: “It’s something that everybody ain’t gonna get, so that’s my love for it.”

Just yesterday, 50 Cent on one of his famous trolling sessions responded to Nicki Minaj‘s slamming of Rick Ross for name-dropping her on his . Rick Ross had rapped: “I told Meek I wouldn’t trust Nicki/ Instead of beefing with your dog, you just give ’em some distance.” She went further to insinuate that he was hoping he would get 50 Cent‘s attention.

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Well, 50 cent did reply and said: “Nicki be blacking out on these ni**as. LOL.” Rick Ross is yet to respond but when he does, you’ll hear it here first.

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