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Justin Timberlake May Be Collaborating with Lizzo Soon

by James Ogunjimi

Looks like Justin Timberlake and Lizzo may be cooking something up in the studios as Justin has shared a snippet on Twitter that has piqued interest.

While some fans are excited about it though, others are cautious and dismissing of the collab with memories of the super bowl performance with Janet Jackson still fresh in their minds.

The super bowl performance had seen Justin Timberlake accidentally expose Janet Jackson‘s breast, something that has earned her the most searched for event on the internet. No kidding.

Speaking about the event then, Janet Jackson had said that: “It’s truly embarrassing for me to know that 90 million [140 million] people saw my breast, and then to see it blown up on the Internet the size of a computer screen. But there are much worse things in the world, and for this to be such a focus, I don’t understand”.

Some fans on the internet were quick to point that episode out after Justin Timberlake posted the video of he and Lizzo singing. Some have forgiven him but some have not.

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One fan tweeted in response, asking: “Trying to throw another black women’s career under the bus, are we?”. Another fan’s tweet read: “I really want to like this collab, but my memory is too damn good. Have fun Lizzo, but keep both eyes open.”

Well, it is even possible that Justin Timberlake will not be singing but will be producing the song. While it is doubtful, if he is producing, perhaps fans can be persuaded to enjoy the song rather than condemn it. We have watched the snippet and it sounded energetic. We can’t wait to listen.

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