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Naomi Campbell Calls Mail on Sunday Article on Her, Character Assassination

by James Ogunjimi

Supermodel,  has hit back at Mail on Sunday over their publication about her past which she described as ‘’ and it’s generating a lot of heat.

The model who is nearing 50, is set to be honored by the British Fashion Council in December for her philanthropy and it looks like Mail on Sunday intends to point attention to the fact that her past makes her an unsuitable recipient of such an honor.

Introducing the article that has no generated a response from , Adam Luck, writing for Mail on Sunday started: “The model has been better known as something of a drama queen, notorious for hurling jewel-encrusted phones and raging at her staff. She has no fewer than four convictions of assault to her name.

For all the glamour of her jet-setting social circle, she has also rubbed shoulders with another, altogether less wholesome crowd – a hair-raising cast of characters, in fact, with dubious and in some cases bloodthirsty reputations.”

Watch her response below:

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The article in Mail on Sunday listed her relationship/acquaintanceship with persons like Charles Taylor, Harvey Weinstein, Jeffrey Epstein, Gaston and Kathrin Glock, Flavio Briatore, Mike Tyson, Kevin Spacey, Lalit Modi, and more as reasons why she may be unsuitable for the award.

has since taken to her YouTube channel to set the records straight. While she didn’t deny association with the said persons or taking pictures with them, she wondered if the crimes of those you are associated with automatically becomes yours.

According to her, she is not going to take this, lying down and has described it as a that must be condemned by all.

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