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Bhad Bhabie Slams Barbz For Saying Nicki Minaj Has People Writing Her Lines

by James Ogunjimi

came under criticism from Barbz recently after the latter claimed that  doesn’t write all her songs herself and tried to use that to disparage her.

Well, a fan of Nicki‘s music has stood up for her and she’s none other than , a singer herself, even though young, she has leaped to the defense of the rapper.

In a video she posted, she said: “Y’all just don’t understand how this industry works. It’s so sad. It’s so upsetting because people put a lot of work into getting things done and then y’all hear, ‘Oh, she didn’t write that hook? Oh, well f*ck her.’ What? Y’all know most of the biggest…Drake, Nicki. All them people get sh*t written for them, too. Wayne. Like, all types of people get sh*t written. Whether they actually gonna use it or not, sh*t still gets written. Even sometimes in sessions artists will talk to they friends [to get advice]. That’s how sh*t gets done. Sometimes it’s a team effort.”

has not responded to either of the posts. Not from Barbz or  but she may just do that soon. In any case, her fans have proved very agile when it comes to responding to beefs. One of such beefs that may need her urgent attention is the one from Shawna.

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Shawna had responded to a subtle diss from Nicki Minaj by saying that artistes are scared of mentioning her name and that when she was ready to mention her name, they should get in the booth with no ghostwriters.

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