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Snoop Explains Likening Nipsey To Jesus

by John Ogba-Ifeakanwa

explains why he likened the late to Jesus Christ.

has raised a lot of religious dust with his recent interview on . The rapper whose new album, I wanna Thank Me dropped a few days ago is known for his admiration for the late rapper who he said he and were proud uncles of. In the interview, Snoop spoke about his new album, his marriage, Tupac and Death Row, Jay‘s new deal and the fact that he thought Nipsey could pass for Jesus Christ.

He’s quoted saying;

Look at the impact that he had, the same impact Jesus had,” he said. A lot of people didn’t know him, but they sure wanted to know about him once he passed away. Then once they found out about him, they understood what his legacy was about. Now, his legacy is living even bigger with him not being here. So that’s why I say, ‘I ain’t never seen Jesus, but I’ve been hearing about it.’”

He continued saying;

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We gotta lot of faith in him and we know if you believe in him, this is gonna happen ’cause your grandparents and the Bible been giving you all this information. It’s like, that’s what he is. When we gone, that’s what he gonna be like because you can’t touch him, you can’t see him, you only have images of him and his image look like Jesus. The bone structure, the eyes … I’m looking at him like, ‘Man, please.’ It is what it is.”

Of course, his opinion wasn’t accepted by most who blasted him for comparing Jesus Christ to a man who was shot dead. Others were just indifferent saying Jesus Christ is a myth.

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Watch full video below:

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