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Here’s Why Lizzo Hasn’t Introduced Herself To Beyoncé

by John Ogba-Ifeakanwa

explains why she hasn’t introduced herself to yet.

For all you who have compared to , take note, she’s not a very big fan of that. No, there’s not bad blood whatsoever, she’s just all about individuality.

In a recent interview with Australian radio host, Tim Shiel the singer opened up on how she feels about being compared to the icon. According to her, being compared to another artist takes away the idea of her career being about individuality. We hope you all understand that.

Since her song, began tearing through the charts, has had numerous opportunities to meet the American singer but has turned them down. Here’s why;

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I’ve had many opportunities because she was in the room or someone’s like ‘Have you met B? You want me to introduce you?’ And I always say ‘Nope!’ Because I’m so scared, like I’m so scared to meet her,”

And no, Lizzo isn’t afraid of literally, she’d rather just admire her from afar. That’s kinda her thing. She explained further that since her new found fame, she hasn’t really introduced herself to anyone as they already know her before they meet. She said;

I think that by the time I’ve got to them, they know my music as well. I’ve never approached an artist and been like, ‘Hi, I’m a huge fan’. I always just stand far away with my eyes really wide and just not say anything. So now I’m in a position where they approach me and say, ‘Hey, I like your sh*t’, and I’m like, ‘Woah, that’s exciting!’”

The remix of her hit song ft DaBaby is scheduled to drop soon.

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