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Pandora Updates Direct Upload Tool For Independent Artists

by John Ogba-Ifeakanwa

Pandora updates Direct Upload Tool for independent artists on the service.

With Pandora‘s newly revamped Direct Upload Tool, independent artists do not really have to stress to get their music across a broader listening space. The new update is particularly set up in indie artists’ favour. The newly updated direct upload tool now allows indie artists to get their music on users’ radio stations simply by submitting it to be analyzed by the Music Genome Project.

On Wednesday, Aug. 22 the streaming platform made the announcement that it had updated and fully enhanced its Artist Marketing Platform (AMP) to also also cater to the needs of independent artists. This means that the previous ‘standalone’ feature will now be all embracing. Simply put, the service’s Artist Management Platform includes a number of analytic features which allows artists to monitor information on their market reach, demographic, and even song by song spins.

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The updated AMP will now include the independent artist submission tools that would allow indie artists to easily send their music to the service’s data scientists for analysis by Pandora’s Music Genome Project. This will in turn help the songs to be passed on to Pandora‘s radio stations to be played alongside hits by more established artists.

In a statement to Rolling Stone, Pandora’s VP for product management for catalog and creators said;

This tool ensures that indie artists are going to be heard by somebody at Pandora. Our curators will listen to their music and put it in to be analyzed so it can ultimately get onto radio stations,”. He also said that the new feature can now allow artists to describe their music in their own words and provide more info to data scientists that would help to adequately fit them into Users’ Pandora radio stations.

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Rolling Stone also reports that “Through AMP, indie artists can also create artist audio messages and “Pandora Stories,” which are song-and-podcast mixtapes meant to tell a deeper story about their music.

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