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Lana Del Rey Talks Kanye West Bar In “The Greatest”

by John Ogba-Ifeakanwa

talks bar in her song ”.

If you’ve been anticipating the drop of ‘s upcoming record Norman Fucking Rockwell (expected on Aug. 30), then you’ve definitely heard the recently released song and her piercing bar. You definitely must have heard her singing “LA is in flames‚ it’s getting hot / is blond and gone.” This is obviously in response to Kanye’s previous ties-ending opinions on Donald Trump, politics, and slavery. Kanye had made these statements in his usual way of airing his opinions and even been spotted having a sit down with president Trump which ended up costing him a lot of fans and industry friendships.

In a recent interview with The New York Times, the singer addressed the line, and when asked if she’d gotten a response from him, she said;

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“No. Gratefully, no. Here’s the thing: I don’t want to elicit a response. You never feel better for having written something like that. But Kanye just means so much to . And by the way, I’m grateful to be in a country where everyone can have their own political views. I’m really not more of a liberal than I am a Republican — I’m in the middle. But it was more like the mood and the vibe around, Yo, this man is ! Really? ? It hurt me. Did I have to say anything? No. But it’s more just a line that represents a lot of things.”

Also speaking on the urgency to release the song Looking For America, she said;

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“I’m always upset when I hear about anything remotely violent. But I was extremely upset. Every now and then, like for instance with the Amazon burning, people wake up and they’re like, wow, this is not just a passing phase. There’s something extremely wrong. I like to stay on the periphery, but when you have back-to-back shootings like that — should I say that’s when it’s time to say something? It certainly was for me.”


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