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Have A Looksie, Kanye West ‘Eats’ His Earwax In Viral Video

by John Ogba-Ifeakanwa

captured eating his earwax in a recent viral video making rounds on the internet.

If you’re just finding out about this, the internet is abuzz with a recent video making rounds online. is going crazy and surprisingly not everyone is shocked by what they’ve seen. The video appears to show American rapper, , having a ‘taste” of his earwax during a recent session of his highly acclaimed .

The video posted by a fan who attended the session has already garnered almost 3 million views on , 20k + retweets and over a 111,000 likes. The uploader (@j0rgecastr0) shared the video with the caption “So I didn’t even notice but I got a video of @kanyewest eating his earwax.”

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In the clip, he appears to be right as Kanye is seen digging into the lower part of his middle ear with his finger, and quickly putting the ‘whatever’s on it’ into his mouth. Gross right?

The viral video has sparked a slew of hilarious reactions from users with some making fun of the rapper using events surrounding his famous life.

@DougKayne tweeted;

“I’m gonna let him finish…but Beyonce has the best earwax of all time”


But he ain’t messing with no nose pickers


My man scratched his ear and then threw his gum on the floor”


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Well maybe his inner ear itched and then he went to take some of the hair off his tongue. Just trying to give the man the benefit of the doubt but…”

While some have argued Ye didn’t eat earwax, have a look and let us know what you think.

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