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Eminem Backtracks To Original Throwback Merch Designs

by John Ogba-Ifeakanwa

backtracks to original throwback merch designs sporting his iconic looks.

It is diss season, it’s been for quite a while now. For Stans, it’s always diss season and they’re ever ready to defend their king, . American  rapper, recently celebrated the one year anniversary of his barrel of shots at the iconic rapper in the name of . With that in the air, coupled with the likes of DJ Vlad, and taking shots at Em, Stans have formed a defense around their king and he’s nothing short of proud.

In the spirit of appreciation, Em is giving back to his fans by taking them back to what it used to be. Practically reminding them why they became Stans in the first place. The rapper recently took to Instagram to announce a complete restock of his original merch.

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The new merch which is sort of ‘old’ is in black and white variants. It also features artwork that dates as far back as it the Marshall Matter LP. Also featured on the merch is one of Em’s most iconic looks till date. The American rapper is seen in sports overalls spotting blonde hair and with a daring look on his face. Em shared the info on the new merch with the caption, “Hit up the Official @eminemstore IG – restockin OG designs this week.

In other , while celebrating s one year anniversary, dissed Em. He uploaded a yearbook photo with the words “ was better” and captioned it, “Tell it Happy Birthday“.

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