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Swae Lee’s Ex-Girlfriend Arrested For Assaulting Him

by John Ogba-Ifeakanwa

‘s ex-girlfriend arrested for assaulting him at his home.

A little while ago, in March, s ex-girlfriend, Marliesia Ortiz announced in a posted video that she was done with the singer. According to her, he’d been verballing abusive and was allegedly cheating on her. This came after the couple had been dating on and off for about 4 years. She called their relationship toxic, saying she was done with putting up with his cheating ways as he wasn’t worth it.

Right when we thought they were done with each other, news hitting claim Ortiz and Swae might have gotten back together and we never knew. According to TMZ, Ortiz was arrested after an altercation at Swae‘s house in late August. According to a source, the site reports that Ortiz had reportedly gone to Swae‘s house where they got into argument and after which she called the cops claiming Swae had sexually assaulted her.

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Apparently, when cops arrived at the house, Ortiz changed her story. She admitted she had assaulting , headbutting him and also hitting him. She also admitted to breaking items at the singer’s house. She also claimed that he tried to strangle her. When Ortiz changed her story, the cops arrested her instead even when they couldn’t find injuries on any of them.

Ortiz has since deleted her Instagram since the story was published. Swae on the other hand reacted to it tweeting, “They’ll make up anything for a story about  I’m truely baffled”. Although no charges have been filed, the L.A. City Attorney  will hold a City Attorney hearing with both parties over what happened.

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