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Eminem’s YouTube Channel Updated With New Music

by John Ogba-Ifeakanwa

‘s YouTube channel updates with surprise new music.

‘s fans are totally freaking out. Who isn’t anyway? There’s a strong possibility that the rapper would be dropping a new record before the year ends and we all can’t wait. No, he hasn’t announced it but there isn’t really any announcements with the rap god. You just go with your gut and prepare for the drop.

Like everyone else, we’ve read the signs and we’re very much convinced that something fresh could be dropping pretty soon. The “Monster” hitmaker’s YouTube account was recently updated with new music. This had fans screaming, we mean that literally.

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The upload was done on Wednesday, September 11. It features an audio track which sounds like Jazz by Kenny G. The track’s cover art reads “PhilipJones16 and “THE REAL SLIM “. It also features a picture of a very peaceful yet empty country road.

The mysterious update is similar to the build up to the rapper’s in 2017, Revival. A fictitious drug tagged “Revival” was used in anticipation of the back then. A whole campaign was created for the ‘drug‘ which kicked off in October till December (at which time the dropped).

The rap god’s studio ethic was recently revealed by Akon who did a song, Smack That with him some years back. According to him, the rapper is a 9-5’er; arrives the studio at 9am, takes an hour long break, and leaves at 5pm. Em has also been the butt of disses most recently by . The Not Afraid rapper sort of replied him tweeting,

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People think they want this problem ’till they get it”. 

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