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Watch: Young M.A Spits Bars In Funk Flex Freestyle

by John Ogba-Ifeakanwa

fiercely spits bars in recent Funk and Flex freestyle.

If you ever wondered why is a popular rapper, watch her recent funk flex freestyle and be convinced. As we all know, has a thing for making rappers spit bars when the appear on his Hot 97 show. A lot of rappers get nervous at being taken unawares but not Young MA. The rapper, delivered a bar-crazy freestyle on her recent visit to the show. It was complete with dope punchlines of course and she was calm and confident all through.

Here’s what happened, Flex had played a beat from the ongoing So Brooklyn challenge and urged the rapper to join in. Of course, she took the bait and adequately delivered. Going in, she reminded that she’s the queen of Brooklyn;

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I said I’m the queen of Brooklyn let’s get it / That’s kween with a ‘K’ because I’m a King too / It’s Kings County, I’mma show you what this queen do. I got the crown like Heights / Oh, yeah I took the shit / I’m from the city where it’s gritty at / That click-clack ‘Gimme that’ / That put that glizzy right there where your kidneys at.”

The rapper becomes more serious rapping to the second instrumental. She goes;

Got rid of some n**gas ’cause they was moving devious / Now I only move with the immediate / Got money repeated it, repeated it, repeated it / Et cetera, et cetera, you know what I mean and shit / Had to feed the streets like I just walked out of ShopRite / Falling backwards, not right / Apologies, I was in a time of need / I needed some privacy, I needed a prophecy / Not to brag but I be doing numbers like the lottery.”

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