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Chris Brown Reveals ‘Indigo’ Tracklist Feat. Drake, Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne & More

by Ayodeji Lateef

 may have had to push back the date of his album release by a week but he now shares the tracklist of this ambitious project titled “Indigo”.

The first thing that jumps out at you is the lineup of artistes on that project. It’s intimidating. When you have Nicki Minaj, and co on your project, there’s no way that project won’t be highly anticipated and this one is.

The “Indigo” album was originally scheduled for a June 21 release but  himself took to his social media account to announce that it had been pushed back by a week. While this is obviously not good for fans that have waited for so long, it allowed him the chance to share the tracklist and featured artiste and we love it.

The project has songs like “Back to Love”, “Come Together”, “Temporary Lover”, “Heat”, “All I Want”, “Indigo”, “Red” among others and features artistes like , Lil Jon, H.E.R, Juicy J, Juvenile, Joyner Lucas, , Nicki Minaj, Justin Bieber and more and it looks like something to salivate for, see full tracklist below:

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Buy, Tracklist:

01. Indigo
02. Back To Love
03. Come Together (Feat. H.E.R.)
04. Temporary Lover (Feat. Lil Jon)
05. Emerald (Feat. Juicy J & Juvenile)
06. Burgundy
07. Red
08. All I Want (Feat. )
09. Wobble Up (Feat. Nicki Minaj & G-Eazy)
10. Keep A Stack (Feat. & Joyner Lucas)
11. Heat (Feat. )
12. No Guidance (Feat. )
13. Girl Of My Dreams
14. Natural Disaster
15. Aura
16. Don’t Check On Me (Feat. Atia “INK” Boggs & Justin Bieber)
17. Sorry Enough
18. Juice
19. Cheetah
20. Undecided
21. BP
22. No Judgement
23. Side Ni**a
24. Throw It Back
25. All On Me
26. Sexy (Feat. )
27. Let’s Smoke
28. Early On (Feat. Tank)
29. You Like That
30. Troubled Waters
31. Take A Risk
32. Lurkin (feat. Tory Lanez)
33. Trust Issues
34. Act In
35. Part Of The Plan
36. Play Catch Up
37. Dear God

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One of the songs to expect is “No Guidance”, a collab with  whose preview was shared last month and which is expected to be an instant fans favorite. In all, a lot of fans are waiting for June 28. We know we are and we invite you to wait with .

Let is know what you think about the tracks and the featured artistes in the comments section.

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