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21 Savage Shares What It Was Like Being Detained By ICE

by Ayodeji Lateef

Atlanta rapper,  opens up about his experience when he was arrested and detained by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) earlier in the year. While his legal counsel of course didn’t want him to talk about the issue, the rapper still opened up about his experience while there and how horrible it was.

The 26-year old rapper was arrested earlier in the year for overstaying his welcome, and according to him, kept in a place that was inhabitable and denied access to his children. He also described other horrible conditions suffered by others there and talked about people being sent to places they’d never been before.

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Speaking a bit on this, he said: “I didn’t see my kids for almost two weeks. There are people in detention centers just sitting for months and even years not being able to see their families. Then some of those people just end up being sent off overnight to a place they ain’t never really lived and they don’t ever see their family after that.”

who covers the front of the latest issue of Paper magazine has been very big on giving back to society after he launched his The Bank Account Campaign after releasing “Bank Account” in 2017.

Speaking about that and money education, he said “The goal is creating generational wealth,” the rapper shares of the program he hopes to expand into the national school curriculum. “It wasn’t until I hired a business manager that I learned about investments and building credit…Kids should be learning that before they get into the real world and make mistakes with their finances.”

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