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Timaya – 2 Stoopid

by John Anusie

It is very tempting at this point to describe Timaya as having a fondness for the word “Stoopid” The Nigerian songster has just released a new song titled “2 Stoopid.” He has quietly moved from “Stoopid” (Track No. 9 of 9 in his February 2019 EP “Chulo Vibes“) to “2 Stoopid.

Should we expect “3 Stoopid” sometime in the future? After all 3 comes after 2. Well, Timaya, who was born Enitimi Alfred Odom in 1980 has released a track that will get anyone interested in a good time bopping near instantaneously. By the way, the music video for the song was released about an hour ago

The music video, like the song itself, creates the right ambience to unwind and would not fail those who should just surrender to its charm .Just surrender and let go. And with the weekend only hours ago, the song promises to be one of the relaxing anthems at clubs and dance halls.

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With the release of this song, Timaya is clearly shaking off the lull in releases and will most likely get back in serious rhythm, with the numbers dropping with some regularity at least.

The fans expect this. Timaya himself may also have this in mind as he had hinted on Twitter, while announcing the arrival of “Stoopid” that the flames are merely just starting.

Well, the fans are waiting, and so are we, ready to bring you the next juice. By the way, in articulation and appeal, “2 Stoopid” may be compared to Timaya‘s other belter “Kom Kom.” But we are not here for “Kom Kom.” We’re here to be, you know, “2 Stoopid.

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Stream “2 Stoopid” by Timaya below, and in the comment section drop tour thoughts about the song.

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