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King Monada drops new song ‘Balance’ with Leon Lee

by John Ogba-Ifeakanwa

South African singer, drops new song, featuring . needs not introduce himself anymore on any of his songs. We always know its him from the start of beat straight to the rhythm. The South African singer has become one of the most recognized voices in the South African music industry.

He has fast created a comfortable niche for himself in the the music shores of the country and also far beyond those shores. His songs have received massive airplay and topped charts both within and outside SA.

Still, his rapturous success has not deterred his game. Always in the habit of churning out hits like he owns a factory where it’s made, the singer has released a follow up single to One Day. Remember the One Day Is One Day tune which fronts the SA vocalist and his newest music pal, ? Yes that one, the song was timeless.

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On this new song, still features Leon a second time and leaves us wondering if there’s a joint album somewhere in the makes. That would be exciting news to tell. We can only wish though.

is a fast paced song similar to the beat of Monada‘s previous chart topper, Malwedhe (falling song) but still different in many ways. The ‘falling‘ artist announces himself as usual but we already know it’s him.

has a great vibe to it and sort of makes you think happy thoughts. Maybe because the thought of a falling singer is etched to your brain as you listen to the track. as usual brings ‘it’ in the song, the singer is definitely a great collaborator. We can’t wait for him to begin churning out solo hits like his friend Monada.

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