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The Melancholy World of Hopsin’s “I Don’t Want It”

by John Anusie

Listening to Hopsin’s new belter “I Don’t Want It” is like taking a jog in the dark. There’s that air of foreboding that seems to follows you. It’ll most likely get you worried.

You’re not helped by Hopsin’s averment at the outset that “I Don’t Want It” will be the last song from him in a while. But this is only the beginning. The dark continues right into the song and even at the end, it is still dark.

He raps in one of the lines that  they are calling him corny and stupid. He continues, rapping that he never had a dad that was there to mentor him and skateboarding became, for him, an amusement and an escape.

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Socially there has been improvements in his life, as he is no longer an obscure figure in American music. He is somewhat perplexed, though, miffed even, for some people see him as no more than an ATM machine – the guy to whom they may go to have their needs catered to.

It is still a dark bend for him in the relationship river, as he would confess, when his girl comes up with news of her pregnancy, that they’re actually in a toxic relationship, always at each other’s neck, and he wouldn’t want to raise a child in that toxic environment/ relationship.

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Taken together, the message of this song might leave fans wondering if the rapper is about to flip. We hope not,

Stream “Hopsin – I Don’t Want It” and drop your thought about the song in the comment section below.

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